CROSSLINK: Tandem Exhibition with Fred Krueger

March 29, 2023 by Benjy Barnhart in Uncategorized 0 comments
Artists from the HP8 studios exhibit their work in the Aspekte Galerie in Gasteig HP8 After the large joint show “crosslink”, the exhibition cycle “crosslink -Tandem 01 to 06” will show works by two artists from each of the HP8 studios. In Tandem 06, the two painters Benjy Barnhart and Fred Krueger put their work into a dialogical relationship with each other. I’ll be showing new works that arose during our lockdown experience. As a father, I was able to temporarily lose myself in my daughter’s imaginative world in the woods and on playgrounds. Somewhat removed from the pandemic and accompanying questions about the future, it provided moments of simple arcadian beauty. It also evoked memories of my own childhood spent playing in the fields and woods and ravines on the edge of suburbia, with others but also sometimes alone with my thoughts and fantasies. Back then there were also times of quiet melancholy as I was awakening from blissful naiveté to a broader more threatening world. Benjy Barnhart: “Fred is an obsessed, uncompromising realist! He’s also not afraid to hold up a somewhat oblique mirror to the absurdities of our modern situation, and his precise details give these visions […]